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Elderly woman with care staff


At Orange Memories Care Home, we promote an independent and active lifestyle for our seniors while providing them with any assisted living services they need. On this page, read what our residents think about their time spent at our facility.


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Kind, Caring, and Respectful

I have had the opportunity to stay at Orange Memories for almost 2 weeks in respite care. The physical experience was challenging but all the care workers were kind, caring and respectful. They were there to provide the best care possible. Elaine was very informative to make sure I knew about the process and procedures. I was very pleased to meet Nadine again after 46 plus years since I taught her in Grade 2. She has a nice variety of programs arranged for the residents. I especially enjoyed the Spa Day and the Spring Fling. The meals were fantastic led by Belinda (especially the Cordon Bleu and Roast Beef). It tasted just like home made. I will miss the residents and staff but I look forward to stopping by to eat and visit often.

— Marlene G.

The Perfect Placement for My Parents

Early in 2015 Orange Memories opened its doors to accept residents. At that time our family did not realize that just three months later we would need the assistance that Orange Memories provides.

My Dad has dementia. My Mom was taking care of him in their home in Rosetown and she continued to care for him until June 2015 at which time she could no longer provide all the care that he needed. It was at this time that we began to search for a placement for Dad. Due to a long waiting list, we found out that he would not get placed in Rose Villa as we had hoped. So we knocked on the door of Orange Memories. The Director of Care at that time was willing to have my Dad come there and so he was moved in. 

In the meantime, my Mom was struggling with not being with my Dad and my Dad was certainly not coping well without my Mom. It was then decided that she would trial a two-week time in Orange Memories. Those two weeks turned into a month and that month has now turned into almost three years. 

Orange Memories has been the perfect placement for my parents. They can be together and they can remain in Rosetown, which were two very important criteria for us. Our family cannot say enough about those who work at Orange Memories. The caregivers at Orange Memories are the very best. The Activities Director always comes up with innovative activities for the residents to participate in. The chefs and pastry chef make the tastiest meals. The Manager is always finding ways to bring fun to the residents of Orange Memories. We enjoy the times when Orange Memories has special meals and special events that allow the families to come and enjoy a special and entertaining time with everyone. 

My family is so grateful that my parents can remain together in Rosetown under the direction and care of the fantastic staff at Orange Memories. We are so fortunate that Orange Memories was built in Rosetown and allows those who have spent either their entire life or part of their life in Rosetown and area to be able to spend their senior years here also and be cared for so well. The Orange Memories staff has become an extension of our family. They are part of our family and we are truly thankful for the personalized care and attention they give to not only my parents but all of the residents who come to live at Orange Memories.

—Beverly R.

Comfortable, Bright, and Cheerful

We are from a community about 40 minutes from Rosetown. Our father decided that it was time for someone else to do all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. so he chose to move to the closest care home, Orange Memories. A bonus for us is that we don’t have to travel far to visit.

Pop is very happy with his new home. Not only are his daily needs taken care, he is involved in several daily activities as well as enjoying the fellowship of his fellow residents. He is also comfortable knowing that if ever he needs a hand, help is always there at a push of a button. 

We are very happy knowing that the Orange Memories staff always have his best interests in mind. They have found a comfortable mix of events, activities, outside trips, special meals with family and friends and quiet times to address all of the residents’ physical and mental needs.

We are also very pleased knowing that we are welcome to visit anytime, and even can join in chair exercises if we wish. An added bonus is, with a couple hours’ notice, we can join Pop for a very delicious meal.

Orange Memories is a comfortable, bright, cheerful, well run facility that we would recommend to anyone looking for exceptional care for their loved one.

—Jack and Cathy N.

Day Program Respite

My family was pleased to discover Orange Memories day program.

Bev arrives for morning exercises, has an excellent lunch and shares in the many activities they offer. Knowing how much Bev enjoys these interactions with friendly residents and staff is certainly rewarding. Also, Bev fit right in for a twelve day stay while I visited relatives in Ontario. This is definitely a service that fits our needs. 

—Norm C.

So Thankful

My parents moved into Orange Memories in early January. Dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and wanted to get Mom settled before his death, and also, because he himself was requiring more care than our family could sustain. It was Dad’s wish to be at home as long as possible and Orange Memories quickly became their home. The staff is so kind, caring, and loving, and did their utmost to grant his wish. He had to be in hospital only 5 days before he passed away. Our family is so thankful to Orange Memories as they became part of Mom and Dad’s extended family, and this has really helped Mom with transitioning into her next stage of life. 

P.S. Mom especially enjoys the many activities and the delicious food. 

—Wendy K.

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